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IED WEBINAR- MAY 18,2021 18:30

IED WEBINAR- MAY 18,2021 18:30
IED is an international education network with a 100% Italian DNA, spreading culture and innovation since 1966 in the fields of design, fashion, visual arts, communication and management.

With 12 campuses in Italy, Spain and Brazil, IED makes the most out of each location’s peculiarities and allows the blending of different experiences, people, and cultures. IED forms a truly unique network mixing the local culture with an international environment. Professionals from a variety of backgrounds and companies come together, in a daily cooperation with students, boosting a cross-fertilization between areas and disciplines. The result is a flourishing of cutting-edge projects and visions, and the developing of a personal ‘Design Knowledge and Mindset’ leading students throughout their lives.

IED Area Manager, Mr. Ruslan Volpi, will meet with you virtually on May 18th, 2021 at 18:30 Istanbul time.

The students who are interested in studying design, fashion, visual arts or communication and management in Italy or Spain, are invited to register to attend this free online event. Mr. Volpi will present the school, inform you about the admission process and answer all your questions.

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